About NSE

NSE is the promoter and practitioner of miniature, lightweight and wireless medical products, focusing on researching, manufacturing and serving innovative medical appliances, and devoting to promote the progress and development of medical service through the innovation of product and commercial mode. Having various

production lines with distinct technological features and strong marketing competitiveness, the company has gradually established a complete R&D system, production system as well as worldwide sales network. We are committed to being the global advanced provider of micro photo-electronic diagnostic equipment and solutions.


Mission: To be the global promoter of micro photo-electronic diagnostic equipment.

Vision: Health care, Dream achieve!

Key value:

Self-discipline: We believe that every employee has a good self-management, takes responsibility, keep promise and implement effectively.

Simpleness: We initiate Zero-cost communication: sincere, open, direct and efficient; and resolutely reduce suspicion and eradicate lying.

Happiness: We hope every employee could find the happiness of self-discovery during working, and grow joyfully and create happily.

Sharing: We attach great importance to the striving and hard working from everybody’s part, so we share with our employees and partners the material and spiritual achievements brought by the growth of the company.


About Brand

NSE: the pacemaker of micro photo-electronic diagnostic equipment.
We think that an efficient medical equipment should be flexible, easy mobility and suitable for every doctor, instead of traditional “heavy” and “big”; and that should not bring any constraint and physical burden to user.
As one of the core brand having the same name as the company, NSE devotes to make the traditional big equipment into smaller, lighter and more flexible in use. Thanks to the global advanced independent R&D technology we grasp, and the concept of “small, light, wireless” we adhere.