Model: UC-100

USB HD Endoscope Camera

Just plug in and play.



Endoscopic camera system is a common equipment for endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery. However, a traditional endoscope camera system is generally bulky, which is not convenient for the occasions with high mobility requirements, such as traveling, bedside examination and field medical treatment. With the implementation of multi-location practice for doctors, point-to-point support policies for medical institutions, the demand for portability has been increased.

USB FHD endoscopic camera system is developed by North-Southern Electronics Limited aiming to meet the above requirements. It is an originally designed product integrating lighting, imaging, control and patient management, featuring with high performance and high portability. This product meets the requirements of soaking disinfection, low temperature plasma and glutaraldehyde sterilization. When used, simply connect with the computer USB3.0 interface, you can achieve endoscopic surgery, examination and recording. With the integrated solution of surgical video recording and broadcasting developed by NSE, synchronous video transmission can be realized.



Extremely high definition, fine discernibility

Full HD imaging, showing crystal clear endoscopic detail. Optional configuration: image sensor of Global shutter, which can be use with Stroboscopy





Highly integrated, light weight and portable

Integrated with imaging, light source in the handle, diagnosis and treatment can be realized by a simple connection to USB3.0 port of a computer





Waterproof design, worry free for sterilization

IP58 Dust-protected, protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water (Maximum immersion depth and time: 1m, 1

hour), support routine sterilization operation (soaking, low temperature plasma and glutaraldehyde)



Image sensor: CMOS (rolling shutter, or global shutter for option)

Resolutions: 1920x1080, 30fps

USB3.0 interface for high speed transmission of full HD image (or USB Type C for option)

Light source is integrated, no need other light source

C-mount interface for various optical adapters in the market

With only one USB cable, so just one plug and play

Portability & mobility

Dust protected & Waterproof IP58

Configured with MedCam software for control, observation and report generation

Net weight: 200g


Compatible for:

Regular optical adapter with focal length of F18mm~F35mm

Special optical adapter for Olympus & Pentax: F18mm~F35mm

Standard optical adapter (Karl Storz) with zoom: F15mm~F25mm, or more


Detachable light source, yet waterproof

Solid connection, with clasp to prevent pulled off by accident

5 watt LED

Max. light intensity: 282,000lux

Color temperature: 5700k

Life time: 20,000hrs

Cable length: 500mm


Can be set as Snapshot, Record, Freeze, Zoom In, Zoom Out

5 levels light intensity control, white balance adjustment


Run by MedCam software:

With patient management system

Report output

DICOM compatible

Multi-languages (10 languages)

Microsoft Windows & Mac OS X compatible


Basic computer configurations:

USB3.0 port

Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7,or

macOS Catalina

4.0G RAM, i5 core


Ideal computer configurations:

USB3.0 port

Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, or

macOS Catalina

8.0G RAM, i7 core

Screen: 1920x1080




Sample Videos Record by UC-100



Connected with rigid endoscope


Connected with fiber optic endoscope


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